A martial arts style is defined by the problem it seeks to solve, and the quality of a martial artist is measured by the earnestness with which the practitioner applies him/herself to the solution.” ~ Source Unknown

Welcome to the UQ Kung Fu Club. We have been operating out of the University of Queensland for over 45 years and are proud to teach the survival art of Lei Quan Gong Kung Fu. Though we are located on the university campus we do not just cater to students and encourage anybody from the community to join. You must however be at least of 16 years of age. The art is suitable for both men and women and has been developed to emphasise attitude, skill and knowledge whilst minimising the importance of size and strength. You will, of course, still acquire considerable fitness and physical resilience as your training progresses!

This brief introductory video provides a little glimpse into life at the club. Please note that the training times listed at the end of the video are not current and can instead be found under the Lessons tab above.

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Our style has evolved from Southern Chinese Kung Fu, incorporating Tong Long, Tai Chi and Iron Palm. We have a unique approach to martial arts in that our focus is on how to deal with multiple assailants and survive a group attack situation.  As their skills develop, students will have to the opportunity to test themselves via exposure to realistic pressured situations, with the degree of contact and pressure tailored to the experience level of those involved. Strategies for surviving a group can also easily be applied to single attacker scenarios, however, the inverse does not apply, with grappling, kicks and even punches becoming of limited effect once there is more than one person to deal with. It can thus be seen that learning a system that incorporates group attack survival is of prime importance if one wishes to understand and develop a complete self-defence system.

Awareness of multiple attackers radically transforms how a martial art is trained – even how to throw a punch needs revision!

Training sessions typically consist of a general warm-up followed by strengthening and conditioning exercises called ‘jongs’. Then the class is split into the various belts to focus on specific grade work, such as pad strikes, drills or partnered exercises. Traditional weapons are also taught to emphasise skills that can then be transferred to empty-handed training. Separate from regular classes on Mondays and Saturdays, we also practice higher-level, random exercises that are reserved for green belt and above- though you are welcome to watch! The style itself is characterised by quick, explosive hand movements and dynamic leg work which allow the practitioner to produce the high levels of energy required to pass through a group of attackers. Through encouragement and guidance, the student learns to extend and move beyond personal barriers that may be physical, psychological or emotional, to drive personal growth both in and outside of the training hall.

Your first week is free and there is no need to book, so please just come up and join us anytime. Turn up five minutes before the class is due to start and introduce yourself to one of the friendly instructors who will be wearing a black shirt. No uniform is required until your first grading so all you need is comfortable sports clothes plus a desire to commence your journey through the Art of Lei Quan Gong Kung Fu!

 We look forward to meeting you.

The Queensland Government provided an ‘Active Clubs’ grant of $2000 and a ‘COVID SAFE Active Clubs Kickstart’ grant of $2000 and a ‘Active Restart Infrastructure Recovery Fund’ grant of $1766 to the UQ Kung Fu Club for equipment to enable Queenslanders to participate in sport and recreation activities.