Our Team

Our Instructors

Sifu Ivan has been training and instructing at the UQ Kung Fu Club for over 20 years.  Being drawn to the survival and group-attack aspects of the style, Ivan learnt that the key aspects an individual requires to advance are determination, enthusiasm, creativity, humility and an open mind.  He is driven to explore the Art to the maximum extent possible and to help others do the same. Ivan has a passion for teaching, and works closely with students and instructors to optimise the learning process and help students “become their own masters”.

In addition to Kung Fu, Ivan has collaborated with the UQ Psychology Department to develop a comprehensive Women’s Self Defence course – an interactive, hands-on program focussing on both the physical and mental skills involved in the broad issue that is women’s safety.

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Joshua has been a member of the UQ Kung Fu Club since 1993, with intermittent periods away to focus on his career and family. He is committed to teaching and advancing the art of Kung Fu in both himself and others. He regards martial arts training as a tool which can strengthen both the body and mind to build character and resilience. This complements his professional capacity as a doctor whose goal is to help people optimise their physical and mental health.

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David started with the UQ Kung Fu Club in 2010, and, after a break to also focus on his career and family, he returned in 2018.  David loves that the physical, mental, and philosophical aspects of the Art are accessible to students regardless of level and that the Club culture encourages each student to explore these aspects to the degree that is just right for them.  He is passionate about helping people to achieve their full potential, whether it be through his involvement in the Club, or through his practice as a clinical psychologist. He is also encouraged by the strong parallels between what is taught at the Club and what is practised in his profession.

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Our Executive Team

PresidentCallum Craig
Vice PresidentMax Young
SecretaryMason Musgrove
TreasurerDavid Norman

Our Member Protection Officer

Separate from our executive team, each club under the management of UQ Sport is required to have an allocated Member Protection and Information Officer (MPIO). The name and contact details of our MPIO are listed below.

NameContact Details
Claudia Herringmpio.uqkungfuclub@gmail.com