Our purpose

The Problem

Rarely is a self-defence scenario like sparring, or a competition – no weight division, no referee, no rules, no breaks in between, no limit on the number of aggressors, and no opting out once it has begun.

To train with sparring or competition as the end goal can leave major gaps in your strategy if encountered with a more complex situation. The world of martial arts is saturated with solutions that rely on an unspoken assumption of control, but the real world is messy, complicated and unforgiving.

These conditions push us beyond the traditional approaches discussed in combat sports or sparring. They push us to approach the situation with open eyes, creativity, and vitality.

The UQ Kung Fu Club opens the door to what is possible when facing multiple opponents out in the real world. We are a modern practical fighting art developed specifically to solve the problem of multiple attackers. If you can handle many, you can handle one, but the reverse does not apply.

Strength, size, and power will only get you so far. You cannot overpower a group of people. You cannot fully control a realistic encounter.

But you can control yourself…and you can survive.

The Training

The UQ Kung Fu Club offers the training to quickly develop the skills and knowledge to be effective in these encounters. We provide you with the opportunity to test what you have learnt in a realistic environment to see if your newly acquired skills actually work in the chaos of a random encounter. Although our style has roots in Southern Mantis and Iron Palm Kung Fu, a focus on application in a group scenario leads to a very different martial arts experience.

Our unique approach to training, self-defence and survival is exciting and challenging. We help students get fast results in an atmosphere that encourages creativity, autonomy, and excellence.

You will be encouraged to train effectively and with focus.
You will be challenged to think critically and creatively.
You will be encouraged to challenge your own limitations.

The scenarios of group encounters go beyond what is considered “normal” in martial arts, so much of what we train won’t be seen anywhere else. We are not aware of any other clubs in Queensland that teach true group defence strategies, with the fallback methods being merely a series of controlled, individual encounters.

Mind, Body, Spirit

Our Art explores the physical, mental, and emotional qualities necessary to survive – and thrive – in the chaos of true random encounters. You will learn to engage your mind and emotions at the same time you learn how to engage your body. Our instructors encourage maturity and self-development, allowing you to apply the Art in all areas of your life. We all have different body shapes, sizes, and capabilities. Though the concepts and goals are the same, your style will reflect a fusion of what you bring to the club and what we teach you. We do not aim to produce a line of cookie cutter clones but instead give you the opportunity to express your own personality through the art.

As Bruce Lee once said:

‘Absorb what is useful
Discard what is useless
Add what is specifically your own.’

We will guide you in this process and provide the arena to test your skills…

(…and have a few laughs on the way – why merely survive when you can thrive?)