Women’s Self Defense Courses

This practical, empowering, and engaging self-defence course for women breaks down the fundamental aspects of self-defence, from the physical to the psychology and societal influences.

Sessions are split evenly between discussion and physical application.  Discussions are broad and you are encouraged to participate and contribute your thoughts in a safe and accepting environment. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to test yourself physically. We bring in padded male ‘attackers’, who provide feedback to help you apply what you have learned.

Previous participants reported “increased confidence, empowerment, and self-awareness, with a sustained knowledge of self-defence”, after completing our course.

This course was developed in conjunction with female Psychologists and UQ Psychology. Its purpose is to give a big picture approach towards self defense – self-defense involves more than just physical safety and begins well before the physical encounter.

It will help you answer the question “Where does self-defense actually begin?”, which allows you to determine the most appropriate strategy in managing your personal safety, before it becomes a physical encounter.

After covering the fundamentals, participants develop a deeper and broader understanding of the psychology of self-defense and broaden the physical understandings, by learning to deal with more difficult scenarios, including multiple attackers.

Physical self-defense strategies are non-prescriptive, and the strategies taught provide the participants with knowledge and skills that can be adapted to almost any situation and will be retained by the participant long after they have completed the course

As well as applying the physical skills, the Course allows participants to understand the social dynamics of self-defense that extend beyond the immediate physical self-defense situation. Including but not limited to social interactions, relationships, and workplace harassment.

We are taking enrolments now and we would love to see you there! 

The course is run over 3 sessions, as per the dates below and the cost is $150 for the full course.

UQ Sport has recently included an incentive for UQ members: All UQ members are able to enroll in the course at a discounted fee of $110!

UQ members who have already paid the $150 fee will be reimbursed.

Women’s self defense course is not currently running. If dates are finalized they will be posted here.

To enrol, please make payments to:

The University of Queensland Kung Fu Club Inc.
BSB: 084-255
Account: 24-530-7828

Put ‘WSD‘ in the description and your name. Then please email us to let us know that you have paid so that we can keep track of participant numbers.

If you have any questions, email uqkungfu@gmail.com


Ivan has trained and instructed Kung Fu and Women’s Self Defence at the University of Queensland for over 20 years and was the first person in 25 years to attain the level of Red Belt (Master Level). The UQ Kung Fu Club focuses on the survival aspect of self-defense, with a particular focus on group attacks.


On the self-awareness exercises in the Mental Skills component…… “Very useful – forced us to analyse where our strengths lie which is necessary for handling ourselves confidently.”

“Encourages you to think about the strengths you have and can use.”

“It’s really great…made me think and reflect on myself. I learnt most about myself through this course and some insight into the attackers.”

“It’s a great component! The physical component works better as a result.”

On the physical exercises and against padded, male facilitators……
“All the physical exercises allow you to get a feel for the sensation of violent physical contact, how the other person reacts, and what you can do about it.”

“Well done! Great to practise on real people. Also good to get feedback from the guys after the activities.”

On the Team……
“You all rock!! Very professional, friendly, helpful. Great work!”

On Ivan…
“Good instruction and I liked the humour, it made things less daunting. Also, thanks for the constructive encouragement/ideas and alternative ways to do things. It was really good to work with a ‘nice guy’. Thanks for the good feedback.”

What difference have you noticed in yourself?
“I feel much more empowered and I now believe in myself and my abilities to get myself out of a difficult/dangerous situation. Also, I feel more empowered and able to defend myself, as I have defined my boundaries and am willing to defend them.”

“Thanks … for the class last night, I left feeling really empowered and confident in myself as a person and my abilities. That confidence carried over to a meeting this morning where I was able to believe in my own technical knowledge when questioning the contractor on their … decisions in front of much more senior peers in my industry.”